Glenthorne bell 1847

Call for Dinner – Glenthorne Bell dated 1847

Glenthorne was for many years the cherished holiday home of Linton Taylor – a Yorkshire carpet manufacturer and prominent Quaker.

croquet at glenthorne

Croquet at Glenthorne

In 1961 the house and its grounds were bequeathed to the Society of Friends (Quakers) to be held in trust and used as a place for Quakers and others to come for purposes of religious worship, for rest, for convalescence after illness and for other activities of a charitable nature.

Glenthorne was opened as a guest house in 1964 and over the last fifty years has been used by Friends and others for conferences and holidays. We provide a place of worship, respite and renewal to those in need and we offer facilities where Quaker spiritual, charitable and educational concerns can be advanced.

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